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The PCOC EAP helps you and your eligible household members identify and find resources to solve personal problems – such as family, health, emotional, stress, legal or financial problems, which if not resolved, could adversely affect the quality of your life. The EAP is provided through MetLife and is administered by TELUS Health. 

You are automatically enrolled in the EAP on the first of the month coinciding with or next following 30 days of full-time employment. 

Through the EAP, you and your household members have up to five (5) free and confidential consultations per issue, per member, per calendar year. These sessions will be with licensed counselors and may be conducted via telephone or web video. In addition, you can use the online chat feature to speak with a consultant to guide you to the information you want. 

Your EAP also provides access to a variety of work/life resources. These resources include child care and elder care providers in your community, financial guidance, anxiety or depression, legal and identity theft recovery services and daily living services. 

The EAP line is always open – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – providing immediate support in times of crisis and access to all EAP services. Call (888) 319-7819 anytime to speak with a counselor or schedule an appointment. You can also download the EAP mobile app by searching TELUS Health on the App Store or Google Play and logging in using the same username and password as the website. 

Your Cost

PCOC pays the entire cost of the EAP.

Member Services

TELUS Health

(888) 319-7819


Username: metlifeeap Password: eap

Questions or need help?
Contact the PCOC Benefits Service Center

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