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Paid Time Off Policy

PCOC understands that you need time off for necessary rest and relaxation. You are encouraged to use your earned paid time off (PTO) each year. PTO is accrued for any month (or portion of a month) in which you are actively at work according to the following schedule: 

Completed Years of Service
Less than 5
Hours Accrued Biweekly
Annual Maximum
144 hours
184 hours
192 hours
200 hours
224 hours

The maximum number of unused PTO hours that you can bank is 1.5 years of the current accrual rate. Once the PTO limit has been reached, additional PTO will not accrue until some PTO is used, unless otherwise specified by state law. You should plan your PTO accordingly. All PTO must be scheduled in advance with your manager. Every effort will be made to schedule vacations in accordance with your wishes. However, department priorities may take precedence, and the PTO needs of your coworkers will also be considered. 

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